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Couponer’s Secrets That Will Save You up to $100 a Week

Catalina coupons. You know the yard-long receipts you get at the drugstore? Those are likely Catalina coupons, and couponing experts like Rausch love them. They are offers you can use for upcoming sales and many times include $5 to $50 off upcoming purchases. You might find $40 off on a Rite Aid receipt, but don’t count on the cashier to tip

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How to Play the Supermarket Coupon Game and Get Your

Finally, make sure you use the overage. If coupons exceed the item’s price, most stores will take the remaining discount off the price of your other items: One coupon can help you save on more than just the product it’s intended for. And make sure you do double up on coupons at every opportunity, using brand coupons and store coupons together to get your groceries practically free.

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Grocery shopping online: How to save money

Coupons and discounts will depend on which delivery service, grocery store or app you’re using. But generally, stores like Target, Walmart, Kroger and more may have special deals going on. Target, for instance, regularly offers things like a “$10 Target gift card when you spend $40 on select household items.”

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35 Grocery Store Items You Should Never Pay Full Price For

You can find coffee coupons for $1 or $2 off, and when a bag of coffee retails for around $5, that’s a significant percentage. Coffee and other hot beverages like tea and cocoa also tend to go on sale in the late fall and early winter, and bags of coffee stay fresh for six months when stored in a cold, dark place.

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This $200 Kroger Black Friday Coupon Is a Scam

Some things are just too good to be true, and that is the case with this Kroger coupon that is still tricking the internet. The scam began on Facebook — where tons of internet scams begin — on a Facebook page called “Kroger Club.”. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kroger. Facebook users were told that if they liked, shared, and commented on the page’s post about a Kroger $200 Black

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How to Save Money When Buying Food for Your Family

Using manufacturer and store coupons together, known as stacking, can save a bundle. For example, combine a manufacturer coupon for $1.50 off two cereals with a store coupon for $1.00 off one box of cereal and you’ll be able to shave $2.50 off your breakfast bill.

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10 Ways to Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons (Slideshow)

Store dry goods such as flour, sugar, nuts, dried fruits, pasta, and granola in airtight containers for a longer shelf life.These types of perishables are great to buy in bulk in order to keep costs low. Rather than buy individually packaged nuts and dried fruit for snacks, purchase a few reusable sandwich bags (washable and easy to slip in your pocket!) and create your own solo packs.

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These Are the 10 Foods You Should Always Buy at Target

Their Target smartphone app features thousands of items on sale every week, and their own lines of products — such as Up&Up, Market Pantry, Simply Delicious, and Archer Farms — are almost always 5 percent off when you use the app. Those savings may sound small, but savings from coupons can really add up even in a

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24 Tips and Tricks for Saving Money at the Supermarket

Unless you are living off the grid, shopping for groceries is one of life’s necessities. Perusing the aisles and filling your shopping carts with processed snacks, ready to cook, precut vegetables, jars of sauces and expensive cuts of meat can result in a bill that is alarmingly high. Attractive packaging and clever marketing strategies can also trick you into spending money on products you

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How to Shop in Bulk and Save Money

Store your pantry items in pest-proof containers (like airtight containers made from hard plastic or sealable glass jars) and keep all of your bulk food items at least 18 inches or more off the ground. savings expert Jeanette Pavini recommends that you store bulk purchases in a cool, dry, dark place (like a pantry) and avoid storing

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