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You can reach Customer Relations by: Phone: (855) 234-4654 Twitter: @SouthwestAir Facebook: @SouthwestAir Email here. The Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards Department is specialized to assist Customers with escalated concerns, most often following their travel. For assistance with booking and res

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Southwest: The Store Discount Promotion - The Southwest

Coupon code – 20% off, using code 20OFFFB. Terms – Coupon Terms: Offer valid 9/14/2015 at 12:00 a.m. EST through 9/30/2015 at 11:59 p.m. CST on regular-priced merchandise in South­west: The Store. Offer may be redeemed online using code 20OFFFB and in-store. This promotional code is valid only for one purchase online.

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Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines Community

Unfortunately, Southwest stopped sending coupons each time a free flight was earned many, many years ago, when they transitioned to the points-based system they now use. Currently, Southwest sends 4 drink coupons after completion of each set of 10 one-way paid flights (points bookings do not count).

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Drink coupons - The Southwest Airlines Community

The only thing I could think of as equivalent to drink coupons would be wifi or special code for the Southwest/Lyft integration for a few dollars off. (The drinks cost $8, but don't cost Southwest $8so to offer some other benefit has to account for the margin - i.e. the Lyft benefit could be $2 or wifi benefit $2 but not $8 value.)

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Coupon Card - The Southwest Airlines Community

Does anyone know by any chance how many "coupon cards" can used in a single vacation package?? I have 2 different coupon card with 100$ off any vacation package of over $1,000. Thank you for the help!

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Free Drink Coupons for First Responders - The Southwest

First off thank you for your service. one way flights so be sure to sign up for rapid rewards if your not a member and you should be able to get free drink coupons later on after the 10 flights. hope this helps. Blake . Tags: drink coupons. first responders. Free. 1 Love Reply.

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Solved: Re: Purchasing Drink Coupons - The Southwest

fyi, I have the Priority SW card and gives me 20% off all inflight purchases. I received some coupons from a FA, so I haven't needed to use my card inflight yet. Also, I was wondering what would trigger my reception of coupons directly from SW. Wonder no more, as I received 4 in the mail yesterday

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Changes in Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines Community

To that end, no one can just take them off the flight. All Monster Drinks must be recyslyed on flights knowing how many on flight and how many empties. End of theft. 3. Give Frequent Fliers Coupons specifically for Monster Energy Drink Coupons only 1 or 2 per book intead of 4 of any drink coupon.

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A Message About Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines

For years, Southwest Airlines has accepted all types of drink coupons on our planes – regardless of their expiration dates. Rapid Rewards coupons. Business Select coupons. Old Company Club coupons. Coupons from the 80s, coupons from the 90s. And we’ve done so for all the right reasons. However, in

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SWA Drink Coupons for Purchase? - The Southwest Airlines

They only send coupons now after you complete 10 revenue flights. I've heard of people selling them on various sites online so that might be one way off getting them. 0 Loves Reply. Highlighted. Re: SWA Drink Coupons for Purchase? ‎01-25-2018 08:44 AM. franktravel. Rising Star Mark as New; Bookmark;

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Solved: Expired Drink Coupons - The Southwest Airlines

Drink coupons expire at the end of the month one year from when they are issued. The expiration most likely is 2019. If by some chance there's been a glitch and your coupons do actually say 2018, contact Southwest Customer Relations (my recomemdation is via Twitter) -- they'll replace them for you.

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