Why Physical Wellness Matters At Work And How To Promote

Here on the Access Perks blog we talk a lot about financial wellness – in part because it’s easy for employers to make the connection with their workers. Not only do employers sign paychecks but many also offer benefits that stretch employees’ take-home pay like employee discount programs, investment accounts and savings plans.. Then there’s employee mental wellness.

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Employee Discount Programs Revealed: 10 Critical Questions

The beauty of true mobile coupons is that they can be redeemed at the moment of purchase right at the cash register. Be sure to ask how many of an employee discount program’s offers can be redeemed this way and how many physical locations / storefronts they represent. Other common discount redemption methods include: Print-and-go coupons

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Free Employee Discount Programs: 10 Secrets You Should Know

7. There are no mobile-based coupons -- As smartphone adoption grows, so does mobile coupon usage. One report by Mobile Commerce Daily discovered 96% of mobile users search for coupons to find deals when they go shopping. A discount program with coupons available anytime, anywhere on a mobile device is instantly relevant to nearly every person

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What Problems do Employee Discount Programs Solve?

Even dinner and a movie become more palatable when employees can knock $30 off the total cost. The point is you’re helping employees live better lives and do more of the things they want to do. Savings matters to people - way more than you might think. 96% of consumers use coupons (RetailMeNot) Clear Problems, Clever Solution

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Should You Add That Employee Benefit? A Guide to Selecting

For example, you're not an expert on merchant relationships or coupons. If you buy an employee discount program that doesn't offer support, guess who's going to get the calls when a merchant rejects an offer? Who are workers going to call for help registering, or getting the coffee shop next door to offer a deal? Good old HR! Don't let that happen.

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The Access Perks Employee Benefits Blog

DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE. Learn how employers nationwide are saving employees thousands on their everyday purchases with America's largest employee discount network.. Request a tour of the discounts nearest your office, in the neighborhoods where your employees live, and in the places where they travel.

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Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics: The Ultimate

81.9% of employees would feel comfortable asking their supervisor for time off for a physical medical issue, and just 16.9% would feel comfortable requesting time off for a mental health issue (TAO Connect) 32% of workers say they feel pressured not to take time off ; 48% of employees said they do not get enough time off

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